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Tres Wittum, a 36-year-old Millennial statesman,

has announced his candidacy for the United States Senate in Tennessee,

representing the Republican Party in the upcoming August 1, 2024, primary.

Wittum brings a fresh perspective to the race,

emphasizing limited government,

conservative fiscal policy,

and individual liberty.

Wittum’s campaign centers on tackling America’s greatest threat: the national debt of $34.5 trillion.

He believes in strengthening the republic by focusing on “States’ Rights” and reforming the United States Senate to better serve the people.

Key Campaign Platforms

Homeland Security:

Wittum is committed to

securing the borders,

toughening law enforcement

and prosecution for illegal immigration.

He plans to update the current immigration system for better security.

Fiscal Responsibility:

He advocates for reducing government spending, balancing the federal budget,

and cutting the federal income tax.

Election Integrity:

Wittum believes in upholding fair elections and will not certify a fraudulent election, ensuring the preservation of democracy.

Wittum has extensive experience working as a policy aide to the Tennessee Senate leadership, including the Senate Speaker Pro Tempore’s office and the Senate Finance, Ways & Means Committee Chairman’s office.

He first became politically active on his college campus, as a College Republican at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga, later serving as the Tennessee College Republicans State Chairman. He also combatted antisemitism as a member of Christians United for Israel on campus.

Wittum’s youthful energy and deep understanding of Tennessee values make him a strong candidate for the U.S. Senate.

His 11 years of service in the Tennessee Senate provide him with a thorough understanding of constituent needs and legislative challenges.

He aims to end the federal income tax,

repeal the 17th Amendment to restore states’ rights, impose term limits for Congress,

Making America GREAT Again and putting America(ns) first!

STOP ILLEGAL Immigration.

.. and update the system, with a clear path to citizenship! No line jumping. No amnesty.

ELECTION INTEGRITY.. we cant allow our elections to be compromised!

I WILL NOT certify a compromised election, like we were told about 2020. Such a shame!


Choose LIFE

Deuteronomy 30:19

Individuals should choose.

I support medical freedom and stand for the protection of individual liberties, now more than EVER!

Individuals should have "final say" in the matter of their health.

As Tennesseans the toughest issues should always be dealt with at HOME, in Nashville, not by Washington D.C. dictators from afar.

What considerations should guide governments when determining whether to control either health choices for either public or private, when it comes to YOUR PERSONAL health?

I support the 2nd Amendment.

This amendment gives us the right to own and use guns. I believe this right is very important.

I'm a proud gun permit holder in Tennessee. I took a class to certify publicly that, I know how to handle guns safely. This is important because guns are powerful tools, and it's our responsibility to use them wisely.

Gun safety means being smart and respectful with firearms. Whether you're carrying a gun for protection or hunting, you need to understand how to handle it safely. This protects you and others around you.

I believe in the Second Amendment because it helps keep us safe and free. But with this freedom comes the responsibility to use guns safely and respectfully.

Let's work together to protect our rights and practice gun safety.

Washington is broken?

A: Repeal the 17th Amendment & add term limits!

We must restore the balance of power in congress. We must repeal the 17th Amendment of the United States Constitution and restore the power of the intended republic.


I stand with Israel

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